Monday, December 6, 2010

New start!

I'm starting fresh.
I was looking back on some blog posts and realized there are some things that I don't want to remember or relive each time I log on here. I don't want to feel anxious or regret anything written. I don't post very often but I want to make my blog a place to update and express appreciation for my life and everything I have. I have a lot to be thankful for and it didn't show. Soooo, my blog is now a blank canvas!
First I'll update..
David and I moved to Orem, UT about a month ago and absolutely LOVE our new place! It is a 3 bedroom/2 bath condo right off the 800 N. exit from I-15. I haven't been able to explore much due to my laziness but, the scenery is breathtaking. We are so close to the mountains and can see Utah Lake from our bedroom balcony. We live next to a Winco! WOO! Yes, I get excited about a grocery store. We used to live next to a Harmon's and Winco is so much cheaper. I actually walked there today! Believe it. We're not fond of our upstairs neighbors who enjoy jumping around 24/7 but that's what comes with renting. I guess. Woo? We'll see..
I start school at UVU on January 5! I'm very excited. My major is Forensic Science, for now. That's a field I'm very interested in and think I'd be good at but it means I'll have to take tons of Chemistry, Math, and Physics. If you know me at all, you probably paused after reading that with mixed feelings. Believe me, I have the same feelings. BUT, I'm going for it. I know I can do it as long as I actually do the homework AND study. Not just one or the other. Or neither. :)
I'll be going full-time and not working. I've never gone to college and not worked at the same time. I'm very excited to be able to put all my focus towards school. I need to do that if I want to graduate. I'm not the best multi-tasker. Eek!
David is still at Imagine Learning. He was promoted to team lead over a bunch of interns. Right now, he only has a couple but is supposed to end up with about 12 programmers working under him. He has mixed feelings about the position. He enjoys programming so being promoted to team lead means, less programming per day. That's the part he doesn't like. I'm sure he enjoys being in charge of people and telling them what to do. :) I know I enjoy that. Bwahaha!
I've, basically, finished my Christmas shopping! That's a first for me. I usually wait until about the 23rd. Ha! I actually did most of my shopping on black Friday. I know, crazy huh? It really wasn't bad. Jessica and Shohei were in town and were able to get a lot of their shopping done too! It was a fun day!.. for Jessica and I.
We have our Christmas tree up and decorated! It's fun. This year, we went and bought ornaments and chose a couple to represent ourselves. It was our first time buying our own ornaments! Tender.I'm sure I've bored anyone actually reading this so, I'll stop. For now.. bwahaha!


  1. Good thing I sneaked on facebook to see your new blog! Woo! You are the cutest person in the world, and I love your new page! It's super cute.

    Also, I am SO happy that the colorado blog made it's way to this new blog. Yes, I'm in love with you. End of discussion.

  2. Fine with me! Of course the Colorado Trip stayed! That was the best trip EVER. I'm in love with you too. I mean.. No, that's what I meant. WOO!

  3. Yay! You're in love with me! That's okay, because I'm in love with you too. Woo! 1 week 'til utah!