Monday, September 6, 2010


Its been a month since Jessica and Shohei moved to Colorado. I finally was able to go visit them over this Labor Day weekend! It was a BLAST!
David and I flew in Friday evening and came home Monday late afternoon. It was so much fun! We stayed at Jessica and Shohei's apartment which is darling! It's beautifully decorated and just plain cute! When we walked out of the Denver airport, the first thing I heard was Jessica screaming. It was so great to see her! I didn't realize how long it has actually been. We went from seeing each other at the least 3 times a week from going a whole month without seeing each other at all. We immediately hugged and kept screaming for a good couple minutes! Woo! They then took us back to their place where we caught up on our lives and made sure we updated each other on everything. We decided to pick up something to eat before heading to the apartment. We drove around, trying to find a Popeye's for Shohei but that failed so, we ended up going with Sonic. It was delicious!Saturday:
We slept in, of course, then decided to go see Jessica's law school campus! It was SO pretty! Colorado has trees everywhere and I love it! She took us on a tour of the Wolf Law Building and showed us all her classes! We also got to see her cute, little locker! The campus was just amazing and I loved all of it! We then went to the book store where I purchased a gray, zip-up hoodie that says Colorado Law on the front of it. I love it! It will remind me of Jessica every time I wear it. Yes, I'm obsessed with her! After the bookstore, they took us over to Pearl Street which was awesome! It was full of cute shops, boutiques, and restaurants. It also had performers everywhere! Some were kids playing instruments which was a little weird. We decided to end the day with a movie.. Going the Distance. It was alright. It was nice to see a movie with my favorite people though!
We slept in again, of course. After we got ready we drove to Denver for the Taste of Colorado festival. It was awesome! There were so many booths filled with clothes, jewelry, food.. basically everything! I bought a super cute, green bracelet and a voodoo doll that is yellow and dressed as a bank robber. It's SO cute! We walked around for a bit more but then couldn't take the heat anymore so headed back to the apartment. We lounged around for an hour or so, reading and playing video games, haha! We love to just lounge sometimes! Later that evening, we went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant then went to BJ's steak and brew-house for dessert! When we got back, we decided to watch a show called The Colony. David and I rave about it so Shohei and Jessica wanted to watch it. It was fun! I'm in love with that show. Seriously.
We finally ate at Jack and the Box! I told them I had to at least once. I'm in love with their tacos and am bummed Utah doesn't have any. It was delicious! We shopped around then they took us to the airport. I was waaaay sad to go. :(
We had such an amazing weekend! It was a blast! It's always nice to visit with close friends. I love them so much! Jessica made tons of cupcakes and I'm pretty sure David and I ate at least 10 of them. They were soooo good! Thank you guys for driving us everywhere, letting us take over your family room, being our tour guides, and getting us normal milk and cereal! You guys are amazing!


  1. Aw cute!! What a great blog!! You described literally everything we did, haha. Yay! I loved reading this, because it reminded me of all the fun we had. I can't wait until our next trip. Thank you soooo much for coming out to visit me. It meant a lot. Seriously. Love you!!

  2. Love you too sugar! TONS!
    I had soooo much fun! It was such an awesome weekend! I was sad when it ended. We'll take tons of pics every trip! I really needed to laugh and just hang out. My week before was depressing and I NEEDED to see you! Yay!
    I can't wait for our next trip either! And thank YOU for letting us crash your place! It was so much fun!!

  3. Yay pictures! And mmm corn. Omnomnom. Also, what the hell is that performer doing?

  4. He bent himself to fit through that can. It was creepy but awesome at the same time. Oh and that corn was so delicious!

  5. I'm glad you had fun Bunky Boo. You sound happy. Love M.

  6. Oh and now I'm craving corn dang it!