Monday, August 6, 2012

I have a blog.. still?

I was stalking other people's blogs and found my own. Not sure how happy I am to know people can locate my blog that hasn't been updated for almost a year so easily BUT, now I"m going to update! Sit, read, and enjoy.. or else.
Let's see.. I start school, again, on the 27th. Last semester before I have my Associates. It only took me 5ish years of college jumping to get this awesome Associates Degree but, at least it's something. I will be taking:

Philosophy - Ethics and Values
Math 1050
Writing 2010

Three of the five are online. Not a huge fan of online classes but I'm hoping this will make it less stressful. It also means I won't have to make the huge commute to Orem as often. Woo!
Our home is currently being built in Eagle Mountain. SO EXCITED! Our hole is dug and the footings were put in. Not sure what that means. They sent us a picture and that didn't help but at least it means they're working on it!
Check it out..

That's our main focus right now. Probs because of the enormous amount of debt we will be taking on but at least we'll be done with rent. Yay? No, I'm super excited! It was fun to sit down and pick out every little thing. This house will truly be ours!
David is the same. He still enjoys his job, for the most part, and continues to get promoted. Each time he moves up, he has mixed feelings. While we love the extra income, the higher he gets, the less he gets to actually program. I guess he just can't help being awesome. It can be a curse.
Sadly, our lives are pretty boring right now. I think I updated y'all about a year ago and, not much has changed.
We're still living it up. Yep. Check me out.

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  1. Oh yeah! You DO have a blog! I used to have one too, I think.